Treat, Protect, Innovate

Complex parts and duplex or multi-function coatings, SGI can adapt to your needs and guarantee you the quality of the processes used.

Non-Destructive Testing

On your finished machined or cast parts, we carry out multiple visual inspections on all materials allowing us to highlight the metallurgical structure and also to detect certain faults in machining, heat treatment, forging, welding or skin (cracking, pitting, etc.).

Treatment by electrolytic conversion

For aluminium and titanium alloys SGI proposes 6 major types of anodising with the following main functions:

  • increased corrosion resistance
  • optimization of paint adhesion
  • increase in hardness and wear resistance,
  • reduction in friction coefficients

Treatment by chemical conversion

These processes, which are simple to implement, are mainly used for adhesion promotion, anti-seizure and maintenance of electrical continuity.

Paint and bonded friction control coating

These treatments are performed essentially for the aeronautical industry. They are applied to parts that have already been subjected to anodizing or Alodine 1200 chemical conversion.