The Aalberts Industries Group

In 2005 SGI joined the Aalberts Industries  industrial group specialized in flow control and industrial services with a workforce of more than 12,000.

Aalberts Industries

SGI is attached to the Industrial Services activities of the Aalbers Industries Group, a leader in material treatment in Europe with more than 100 establishments in18 countries.


Material treatment in France

SGI: surface treatments for mechanical parts

SGI SAS (Société de Galvanoplastie Industrielle) is equipped with the largest surface treatment installations in Europe (14 meter baths). SGI is the reference in the sector for all applications relating to the treatment of aluminium alloys and titanium used in the aeronautical, aerospace, defence and automobile industries.

SGI is located in Plaisir (78) and Villers Cotterets (02) in the north of Paris.

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SGI Société de Galvanoplastie Industrielle

DEC, specialist in surface treatment in industry

DEC SA (Dépôts Électrolytiques et Chimiques) is specialized in the coating of metals by electrolytic, chemical and vacuum depositing. Located at Cormenon in the département of Loir et Cher, DEC SA is equipped with twelve production lines allowing more than 30 treatments and surface finishes

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DEC Dépôts Électrolytique et Chimique

Hauck Heat Treatment

A major player in heat treatment and surface coating in France, Hauck Heat Treatment has divided its activity over 5 industrial sites and operates in the main sectors of activity. Treatment 7 days a week on delicate parts individually or in batches

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Hauck Heat Treatment