R&D, patents and licenses

SGI has positioned itself as a top rank formulator and applicator by a policy of strongly oriented R&D, performed at 3 levels:

  • internal, which allows us to remain ahead of our customers’ requirements by continually improving the performance of the treatments proposed,
  • in cooperation with our customers via consortiums,
  • finally, external, by participation in intergroup development programmes (hard anodizing, borate-free degreasing, etc.).
Traitement de surface - Travaux de recherche et développement

These research and development works are conducted either in our laboratory, or directly in our production workshops. Among the main developments, we can mention:

  • deletion of Cr VI based treatments
  • the development of a new generation of HAOs,
  • conducting tests on new systems of immersion or spray painting

Patents and Trademarks

  • BF5 chromic anodizing (SGI property)
  • Optimized sealing (owned in partnership by DASSAULT AVIATION - SGI)
  • Molybdate sealing (property IMS)
  • DURKALU hard anodizing (SGI property)