Alodine 1200 chemical conversion

Alodine 1200 is an exclusively chemical, simple, economic and effective process, for long-term protection against oxidation of the surfaces of aluminium or light alloys.


Alodine 1200 treatment was developed for the protection of surfaces that are intended not to receive, or only to receive locally, a paint finish (salt spray >168h), but it is also a perfect preparation before painting.

It ensures maximum adhesion and excellent holding over time of the finishes applied, due to the perfect chemical stability conferred on the treated surfaces.

Special notes

Alodine 1200, used with heat treatment, forms a protective coating on aluminium or alloys virtually without an increase in thickness.

The colouration of this coating varies from yellow to brown depending on the type of alloy or the degree of purity of the metal.

Alodine 1200 is certified according to the MIL C 5541 standard